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 Following are the three books I've self-published through Create Space, a now defunct division of Amazon. They are all fiction and all can be purchased at You may order them directly from me at at a reduced rate. The prices below reflect that rate and ordering from me. A BONUS: BY ORDERING FROM ME YOU WILL RECEIVE AUTOGRAPHED COPIES SIGNED TO YOU PERSONALLY BY ME WITH WHATEVER INSCRIPTION YOU DESIRE. Then look for them in the mail Find out about My latest two novels which are described on another page.

She is Woman: Courageous, Compelling and Captivating (And Sometimes Outrageous!)
ISBN: 148190874X
ISBN-13: 9781481908740
$16.50 (Includes S & H) from the author

     In this book of 24 short stories about 24 VERY different women, imagine Ginger's horror as she sees snow pile up around her Florida beachside cottage in the middle of summer; think of Irene's fear after her lover shoots her husband; laugh with Polly as she obsesses about flowers on Valentines Day; plan with Annette the next adventure for the Pink Ladies; worry with Susie about her sister's D.I.D.; be scared with Betty as she takes on a nest of rattlers; be excited with Judy to finally find Falling Water. Meet these seven ladies and the others who comprise these stories. Travel their roads with them, but be prepared for a sometimes bumpy ride. Which fascinating woman are you most like?

Loosing the Lightning
ISBN - 13:978-1481260114
$17.50 (Includes S & H) from the author

     This is a story of betrayal and redemption. Imagine innocence lost. Think of the horror of sexual abuse. Meet Lily, who frequently endures this abuse until she gains the strength and courage to confront her abuser. She protects her beloved mama with her silence and carries her shameful secret throughout her life. A fragile victim who, when she loves, loves deeply, she marries a man who is later revealed as a spousal sexual abuser. Betrayed by him many times, she still loves him until his last and greatest betrayal, the most devastating of all. With a different man, will Lily find the elusive happiness that has evaded her since she was a loved and carefree child of five?

Peregrination: The Poetry of Journeying
ISBN- 13:978-1492967361
ISBN - 10149296736X
$10.50 (Includes S & H) from the author

    In this proverbial and intriguing slim volume of poetry, you will indulge your travel fantasies in the first part, as you are transported to many countries captured in verse. See and feel the Great Pyramids of Egypt; throw a coin in Rome's Trevi Fountain; experience the changing face of Alaska; smell the bracing air of Ireland; and discover many more travels in this poetic travelogue.  

    Part II deals with the journeys of the heart. Love. Life. Laughter. Marriage. Loss. Divorce. And Death. These poems speak to the emotions. Read and compare these journeys - those of travel and those of the heart - with your journeys.  Be awakened to the love of travel. Be awakened to know your own heart.

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