Hello. I'm Lyla Ellzey and I'd like to share a few things with you. I write because I have stories to tell about people, places, and things, real or not. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction but, as a "practical dreamer," I write some attention grabbing, right out of the news,  heart-wrenching, and sometimes alarming fiction I hope you will enjoy reading.


I'm a small town girl from north central Florida. My formal education includes a double major in English/Speech from USF in Tampa, 1967, and  a Master's degree in English Education from UF in Gainesville, 1969. I taught junior high English for one year, then became a stay at home mom while rearing my children, Nicole b. 1970, and David b. 1973. (I also have four delightful grandchildren.) I did return to work when my oldest was a senior in high school, working primarily as Administrative Assistant to first my pastor and then to firms around Washington DC where I wore many hats, among them forms-and- newsletter editor.


I live with my husband Frank in a retirement community in Tallahassee where travel and writing are my passions. Life is good!


I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me. It's possible we might meet sometime, somewhere. Who knows? We're readers and writers and often frequent the same places. If you see me, do stop and say hello.  Lyla

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