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Ms. Ellzey writes beautifully about a painful subject and does it with compassion and no sensationalism. The abuse in this novel is written in such a way that it is in no way graphic. The way she puts words together is almost poetic. I recommend all of her writing, especially this novel. Watch for more novels by this lady -she is sure to be on the top seller list one day soon! I'm eager to read her next novel.


                                                                                               -- Crayton ( Amazon Review)


    Praise for SHE IS WOMAN...


I bought "She is Woman...." on the recommendation of a friend and I'm so glad that I did. Short stories are not usually "my thing" but I enjoyed these so much I couldn't put the book down. Her female characters are "courageous, compelling, captivating, outrageous" and could be some of my best friends! Can hardly wait for more from this talented author. I couldn't possibly pick my favorite of these short stories, but I sure would like to be a Pink Lady!


                                                                                             --Texasgran (Amazon Review)

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